Thursday, July 22, 2004

Matt was not alone when he succumbed to the power of the Krispy Kreme doughnuts in the office yesterday.

Now Krispy Kreme has a new frozen beverage for summer. It's not the coffee-run-through-the-wall-of-glaze idea that Tina had, but they look tasty. If you can get past the gazillion calories a twenty ouncer contains. Of course that could lead to a calorie counting conundrum. Go with a twenty ounce double chocolate frozen drink... or four doughnuts? Hmmmm.


  1. Hey, I was gonna post about those new krispy kreme's new frozeny doughnut goodness yesterday, but stupid blogger wouldn't let me post any pictures ... and it just wouldn't have been the same without the picture. I love to pop over to krispy kreme and try one but my digestive system would never forgive me. egh.

  2. they do look so tasty! first you have to try it uncaffeinated, untainted donut taste, then, if so inclined and in need of caffeine, it looks like a yummy starbucks iced coffees alternative. might i point out that the 20oz. has tons of cals (~700s), the 12oz. should be quite ample (and nicer to the wallet) with "only" ~400s calories. like a hefty snack.

  3. I just tried and enjoyed Dairy Queen's version - the Moo Latte. The mocha version taste like it has little bits of crushed espresso beans in it.
    Recently Slate bashed the name of because it sounded too much like "mulatto" and now I can't get that out of my head and feel I shouldn't have another (since it's probably made with DQ soft-serve, boycotting them may not be such a bad idea)

  4. I was so intrigued by this I had to make a special trip to KK this weekend! I had the regular one, without coffee. It was good, but very sweet. My husband had the one with coffee, and I think it was better. I have to admit though, nothing is as good as the hot doughnuts!