Saturday, July 3, 2004

Washington DC is having their version of Cows on Parade. It's Pandamania! The ones I saw in the gallery are pretty cute.

I especially like Pandy Warhol and William Shakesbear.

I would love to get to paint one of those.


  1. I'm on vacation in DC & we were going on a panda hunt today but it was too darn hot. We're hoping to do it later in the week. (My mom passes the chocolate covered strawberry one when she goes to her HQ downtown & wants to see the rest now.)

  2. I live in Lexington, NC and we have something similar. We are famous for our BBQ. In October we have a huge BBQ Festival where they shut down main street and have all kinds of activities surrounding the theme of pigs. Last year it was Pigs in the City, this year its the sequal "Pigs in the City II". Local artist create "Pig Characters" and local businesses sponsor them. The slogan is also this year "Get Piggy with it!!". The doctor that I work for kids did the "I Love New Pork" one. It's cute. Here's a website where you can click on a pig and see what they look like:

  3. strangely enough, this reminds me of the "panda love" episode of the simpsons. disturbing, but cool nonetheless!