Tuesday, August 3, 2004

Last night Aaron and I went for a bike ride along the canal path. The canal path is one of the things we love about Rochester. I just wish they had an ice skating festival in the winter when it froze like Ottawa does.

But we try to enjoy it in the summer as much as we can. Especially when there are ice cream shops next to the canal. Nothing like a cone after a bike ride to cancel out any exercise I just gained.


  1. Hey,
    We used to do this! I remember that we used to go roller blading there with Natalie, too. I look forward to going to the canal path in Pitsford in August when we are there with Jillian. Which reminds me, please save the date of August 21 if you can. We would like to see people if they are around on that date. We might stop by Kodak as well.

  2. great site....really it looks sooo good!