Sunday, September 5, 2004

Our friend Matt... Thrower of Mardi Gras Parties... Deep Frier of Turkeys... is leaving Rochester for a year to attend the University of Chicago. We wished him best of luck and a happy Thirtieth Birthday this evening.

He better keep his blog up to date, or I will be forced to go out there and break his legs.


  1. Small world. My fiance is also starting grad school this fall at UofC (he is in the GSB). We just moved from California. I left a comment for Matt over on his blog.

    Should he not update his blog, the campus is located on the south side of the city (as in that song, Bad, Bad Leroy Brown), so you might be able to find someone to break his legs for you and save yourself the trip to O'Hare. Just fyi. ;)

  2. Hell hath no fury like ljc scorned! I promise to keep the blog updated. In fact it's my goal to update it far more than it currently has been. Especially since I'll be in a wireless networked environment.