Sunday, October 24, 2004

Today was my sixth annual pumpkin picking/carving party. It was a little chilly out so we didn't dawdle at the patch.

Back at my house we had cheese and crackers while we carved up our victims. I was rather excited to try out my new handy dandy pumpkin gut scooper. Afterwards came the pumpkin pie (my total pumpkin pie production for this fall is now at 6 pies).

Aaron carved yet another humungous pumpkin while I carved out the word "boo". Only my "b" pumpkin was lopsided and rolls backwards so now it looks like it says "Doo". Ah well. More pictures of pumpkin picking/carving.

I was inspired by the pumpkins made by Hilary on my new favorite site, Wee Wonderfuls.


  1. So cute guys!! I think the pic of 'the boys' is by far the cutest pic of oscar that i've ever seen! Great pumpkins!! :D