Sunday, October 3, 2004

Yesterday, after Sarah's baby shower, Tina and I hopped in the car and tore up to Canada for Squib's big book signing party! It was in a super cute yarn shop called Lettuce Knit. I got chills when I saw stacks of the book with her name on the spine! And there was cake! And champagne! And Tina won a door prize! I managed to take a few pictures. I am so happy for Amy and the book is gorgeous! Go and buy one now!

I was "recognized" by two people while I was there. Always a nice yet surreal feeling. Was anyone else there that reads my blog?


  1. Just in spirit. It looks like it was great for you all. How exciting for all you "celebs".

  2. and i keep forgetting that you both are celebrities! you're just my friends.

    hug you both and thanks for the pics! (okay, all except that cider one. could it BE more unflattering? :-)

    hug and thanks again for coming. you made my night!

  3. I'm so happy for Squib...and that is awesome that yall could be there for the party, looks like a great time!

  4. Well I read your blog but didn't know you were at the Knit Wit party. My boyfriend is in picture #8 (on the right) and I talked to Tina right after she won her prize. I mostly hung out near the cake on that evening. LOL! ;)