Tuesday, December 14, 2004

My friend Courtney built this super teardrop trailer. Her husband, Roy, is quick to point out that he helped out a couple of weeks, but otherwise, it was all her. I think it would be amazing to look at something like that and know you built it from scratch. They carefully documented the entire process here...

I love the picture of the finished trailer, it makes me want to hit the open road. I wish them many years of happy camping in their cute little trailer.


  1. WOOT! I have a teardrop, too! However, I did not build it myself, because I am not talented in that way. Thanks for putting up her construction page, very cool!

  2. No freakin way!! That is amazing. Did she design it herself, or was she did she have plans?

  3. That is really cool, I am going to build one. What plans did you use and is one side of the sleeping area longer than the other? Thanks again.