Wednesday, January 26, 2005

You know it's cold when you keep finding your pug laying on the heat vents, his ears flapping in the warm air.

Yes, he is wearing a t-shirt.

It says "spoiled rotten".

He was chilly ok?


  1. Ah, I remember petting my cat while she lay in front of the heat vent. She was the best cat ever. Also 19lb. She once was skinny and fit, chasing mice and rabbits around the yard. She would bring them inside the house unhurt, and we would have to catch them and release them. Then one day she didn't come back, a few days later she came back with a broken leg. She was never as active again. She was born an outdoors cat. One day a mother cat came into our yard with kittens. My sister talks about seeing the mother train the kittens to hunt. Then one day the mother cat did not come back. My family took the two girls, and found a home for the boy. Ah, I wish I could have my kitten (3 years old now) here in my dorm (the other best cat in the world), but the best I can get is a bonzi tree, or fish in a tank less then 10 gallons.

  2. Cute!
    -la chica alta

  3. How sweet. Maybe he would like one of these:

  4. Oscar is so adorable! And I love the t-shirt too! What a great photo!

  5. That is one smart dog you've got there. I might have to go do exactly what he's doing.

  6. aww, Oscar's such a cutie in his shirt! I too have a pug and like to knit/crochet :)