Friday, February 25, 2005

I was reading about Rochester's new ultra lounge, Metro37, and something in the report on it made me go... hmmm.

"Rochester has its first ultra lounge — an entertainment concept already hot in metropolitan cities nationwide. An ultra lounge is not a bar or a restaurant or a dance club but a hybrid of them all, celebrating the swank lifestyle (the bar counter is Corian, for goodness sake) with intimate seating, top-notch food and cocktails, costumed dancers and techno music that gets louder as the night wears on."

Since when does Corian equal swanky?! Corian to me equals suburban sprawl. (not that there is anything wrong with that... I would love Corian counters in my kitchen)

I'm not saying Corian isn't expensive or a wonderful material for a counter. But wouldn't a hip stylish bar be made of poured concrete or stainless steel or glowing plexiglass? Now my kitchen... it would look swanky in my kitchen.


  1. It's swanky can sand down any scratches?

    In high school I worked for a home improvement store that sold Corian, and the Corian swag (little promotional gadgets and trinkets we got from the sales reps) was the most sought-after by the staff. I still have a deck of Corian playing cards where each card is a different Corian color (ooh, the three of clubs - Beige Sand!). There were also pens made out of Corian. Very swanky.

  2. I think Corian's a little swanky, have you seen the price per linear foot?? Ouch.

    Still, sexy bar/club environments should be rocking some innovative materials.

  3. I agree with ljc. If I'm going to a "swanky" bar, I'm hoping to see something a little more exciting and creative than a replica of my kitchen counter. Although poured concrete is apparently a hot trend in kitchen counters these days, according to my Mum who works for a design company :)

  4. I too am with ljc. Corian is not swanky enough. I know someone who does poured concrete, now that is cool. You can also put stuff into it, the possiblities are endless.
    Corian isn't very rough and tumble stuff, it scratches and needs to be buffed out a lot, even more if it were in a bar/club.

  5. Hi, is Aaron from Brooklyn? Just asking because i saw a small blurb about what an Aaron from Brooklyn, NY thought the Phantom of the Opera was about, in Maxim magazine. I hope I make sense...I'm tired :)

  6. Funny that you noticed the bar top out of everything in that place. I went last weekend and it was beyond swanky. Something that I have never experienced before, and definitly not in Rochester. I think the Corian is the last thing that people look at in time check out the dancers!!

  7. the thing about corian is that you can do anything with it...and it's not a material that makes a bar swanky, it's the appearance or design....i have seen a lot of lame concrete bars in my day.

    google ron arad corian and you will see how swanky the material can look