Friday, March 18, 2005

Aaron and I ate at Sticky Lips for dinner this evening. We love the Cherry Bomb BBQ Sauce and sweet potato fries there.

We were just finishing up when a cameraman came in to shoot a commercial. We ordered a slice of pie in hopes of ending up in a background shot. Aaron was grinning and mouthing the words "I love pie! Don't you love pie? Pie is delicious! Yay Sticky Lips!"

The commercial is supposed to air on RNews. We are a-tingle with anticipation!


  1. I read your blog daily and I have to say that you're fantastically creative and vivacious and Aaron is a total fox.


    I'm not a creep, I swear.

  2. Aaron is so funny! That made me giggle. I guess if I were possibly going to be in a commercial, I'd be doing the same thing! "Mmmm, isn't this product the BEST?"

  3. Jenny, that's so cool! I hope you make it on the commercial. :)

    Oh, I was watching Food Network this morning and they had a blurb about Rochester and though of you:

    The James Brown Diner in Rochester, NY, serves 42 kinds of Eggs Benedict.

  4. A little bit off topic but in your 'what am I eating' section, you mentioned Lettuce wraps. Those sound yummy! What's in them? Did you make them?