Saturday, March 5, 2005

Since I started using iTunes, I don't think I have bought a cd in months. This one however caught my eye. (Good Clean Fun Featuring INXS, Kevin Lyttle, Devo, Ryan Cabrera and Sugar Ray) I love "themed" music. In the past I have bought Volkswagen road trip cds and William Sonoma Thanksgiving cds.

I like to picture myself cleaning the house with this cd playing the background. As though it would make it a more pleasurable pasttime.


  1. The picture alone makes me want to buy it. You might want to check out Anna Nalick, her CD doesnt come out till April, but her music is wonderful.

  2. I recommand the band 'The Format', they are still relatively new and when they get big you'll be able to say you knew them before they were famous! It was like that for me for Maroon5!

  3. I have to know where to buy "Good Clean Fun." I liek all those artists.