Saturday, April 23, 2005

I am leaving for Boston tomorrow for a quick usability study. I wish I had thought ahead and asked for restaurant recommendations.

Well for Cambridge actually... that is where we are staying.

I still wouldn't mind hearing some thoughts.


  1. Hi, hope we're not too late to suggest some places to eat!

    Definitely try Metropolis Cafe in Boston's South End for brunch; Emma's Pizza in Cambridge (Kendall Square); Upstairs On The Square (Harvard Square) for its eclectic decor.

    Have a good trip!

    -Bostonian fans of Ernie & Oscar

  2. Ditto on Emma's Pizza. They have this divine pizza with sweet potatoes, baby spinich, carmelized onions and other tasty toppings. I'm having my wedding reception at Upstairs on the Square and the food is really great. Last month, we enjoyed an olive oil gelato with pistachio pound cake. Sounds odd, but it's delicious.

  3. I hope you made a trip to the Border Cafe!

  4. I'm heading to Cambridge this upcoming weekend, and totally forgot about Emma's from my MIT days. SO GOOD. Plans include: Pho Pasteur Friday night, Middlesex Lounge on Mass Ave Sat and High Rise Bakery Sunday breakfast. Can't wait!!

    Jenn in NJ

  5. Dali has amazing tapas. It's in Somerville (the town next to Cambridge).

    For desserts, go to Burdick's Chocolate in Harvard Square. Finale in Harvard Square has amazing molten chocolate cake (There is also a Finale in Boston).

  6. It's probably too late, but next time you're in Cambridge -

    1) Cambridge 1 - tasty pizza on Church Street in Harvard Square
    2) Fire & Ice - tasty stir fry in Harvard Square
    3) Upstairs on the Square - eclectic, yes, but pricey
    4) Formaggio Kitchen on Huron Ave in Cambridge - not a restaurant but a gourmet food shop. Great cheese, great everything!
    5) Redbone's in Davis Square in nearby Somerville - BBQ at its finest

    Viv from MA