Tuesday, April 5, 2005

Tina and I are getting ready for a girl's weekend to NYC. Thursday night we have tickets to Spamalot, Friday night Maroon 5 concert tickets, and are going to try to see SNL Saturday night. We will also be hitting Pomme Frites, Jamba Juice, Rice to Riches and the Secret Burger Place at Le Parker Meridien... hmmm... those are all eating establishments. Will have to plan eating schedule carefully.

Does anyone else have any insider knowledge of cool stuff to see, do, eat in NYC this weekend?


  1. Kate's Paperie. Must. go. to. Kate's! Pearl River Mark too. Also, you're a cook ... NY Cake and Baking Company, Kitchen Arts and Letters ...

  2. You may be interested in a place called Tea and Sympathy in Greenwich Village. Although, don't expect a whole lot of sympathy, but you will enjoy a nice cuppa cha (English tea).



  3. you should try to get over to moby's teany http://www.teany.com/cafe/index.php

  4. Yes, Pearl RIver Mart in SoHo is really cool!
    Also, in The Village there is this shop that sells cupcakes! They serve them on these cute little trays and they are delicious :-)
    There is usually a line around the block to get in but it is well worth it!

  5. Have a great time! I got tickets to see Spamalot in May. Spam Spam Spam! And I live in NYC. Score for you got them early! You and Tina may want to also try Magnolia Bakery for cupcakes!

  6. OMG! You will have SO much fun! I LOVE LOVE LOVE Maroon 5 and i bet SNL will just be great! Enjoy yourself and take pics to share!!:-)

  7. I think Rice to Riches was closed! I heard it was a front for a huge illegal gambling operation...

  8. The Carnegie Deli has a great Corned beef sandwich or Pastrami, and cheesecake to die for!

  9. I live in Chicago and saw one of the last Spamalot shows before they headed to NY. It was wonderful, and I've heard that Tim Curry was sick while they were here and that his role has gotten more prominent since NY. I can't wait to hear what you think of it. I was so amazed at what a great job they did, so many scenes from the movie that you just think wouldn't be possible on stage.

  10. Oooh... Spamalot! I saw that in NYC last month. If you wait around next to the rear entrance of the theater after the performance you can sometimes get your Playbill autographed. It was amazing.


  11. I hear the new MOMA is amazing - you may also want to check the Brooklyn Museum or the Musuem of Nat History for this guy - http://www.woostercollective.com/2005/03/wooster-exclusive-banksy-hits-new.html
    I'm going to blog about this any day, I think it's a riot...

  12. As a former New Yorker, I would have to recommend Dylan's candy bar (60th and Lex) a two story candy store (loads of peeps!), a block over is Serendipity (a great restaurant, try frozen hot chocolate!) and Pop Burger in the Meat Packing district for the best in tiny burgers). Chelsea market has the best food and cute markets where you can buy the most unusual things. Down off Rector street near ground zero is Century 21, a discount store for the best designer clothing. Take the Tram over to Roosevelt Island (my old home) in the east river and you can stroll around the island!

  13. Yes, I third (or fourth?) Pearl River Mart! www.pearlriver.com
    SEA Thai in the village is just a few blocks south of Pommes Frites on 2nd, and they have very yummy calimari and delicious Thai standards!
    Oh, and get some green tea ice cream at Ciao Bella on Mott in Soho....oh! And bubble tea at Saint's Alp, on Mott in Chinatown!
    Ok, now *I* want to go.

  14. The Cupcake Cafe!


  15. Another vote for Pearl River Mart! And, when you go for frites, make sure you head uptown, because the one that used to be on West 4th is no longer there, alas.

  16. Magnolia Bakery in the West Village! The original cupcake destination in my mind. Purl SoHo, School Products and a few other yarn stores are supposed to be great!

  17. Make sure you get to NBC studios early to try and get tickets to SNL. I haven't done it yet, since I can't get myself up at 4am to get down there.

    However- if you don't feel like getting up that early, try and take an NBC studio tour on Friday or maybe early Saturday. I did the last time I went to NYC, and I got to see the cast in rehearsal- I saw Adrien Brody.

  18. The ice cream at the Chinatown Ice Cream Factory is just about the best I've ever had. It's at 65 Bayard Street (btw Mott and Elizabeth). Try the pumpkin pie flavour!

    I'll also have to second Teany. Great tea. I had the "turkey" club sandwich last time I was there and it was great.

  19. You must go to Dylans Candy Bar!
    It's such a cute candy shop.


  20. This is great stuff! We have been to Magnolia, Serendipity and Dylan's Cancy Bar. mmmm Frozen Hot Chocolate! We heard there is some Christopher Guest tribute going on at the Moma this weekend... anyone heard about that?

  21. Not sure we can do the 6am thing for SNL, but the tour is a great idea.

  22. I'm so jealous. I would give my right arm to see SNL live and in person. Have fun (boo hoo... sniffle).


  23. Here's my 2 cents after living there:

    Definitely Pearl River, Century 21 or H&M (whichever's closer), Pommes Frites (they're the best of all the fry places), and I'm now craving Chinatown Icecream Factory - the pumpkin does rock and goes great with the banana AND they have kitchy, rather loud CIF t-shirts.

    While in Chinatown you MUST get soup dumplings at:
    Joe’s Shanghai
    9 Pell St. (Betw Mott St. & Bowery)

    More food (it's all about the food):
    Three of Cups is my fave italian - hot, homemade, complimentary foccacia brought to your table
    83 First Ave. @ 5th St.

    Vittorio Restaurant
    308 Bleecker St
    New York, NY
    Phone: (212) 463-0730
    I never went but always wanted to go - they wheel a huge round of parmesan to your table and drag hot fettucini across it. What's not to like?

    Lakeside Lounge
    162 Avenue B (betw 10th & 11th Sts)
    That's my favorite bar AND they have a photo booth!

  24. Lucky, Lucky You!!!!

    Check out the Manhattan board on www.chowhound.com. Serendipity was mentioned a few days ago as a place that's packed with kids and best to go later in the the evening for dessert only.

  25. I know, I know! Crafts Park Avenue!! It's a 3 day event starting friday showcasing 175 gerat artisans of funky stuff. See here.


    Also, yummy food can be found at Cafe Habana (cuban) at Elizabeth and Prince).

  26. The New York City Transit Museum is one of my favorites. Old subway trains and exhibits located in a subway station. It does require a trip to Brooklyn, however.


  27. If you want a "nice" dinner out...go for Balthazar...


    I had a very nice meal there. They're famous for their steak and pommes frites and seafood appetizers.

  28. Teany is so fun a cute, I totally recommend it!

  29. Teany is so fun a cute, I totally recommend it!

  30. If you love dessert, you must try to stop by ChikaLicious Dessert Bar!
    It is like a Sushi Bar and I recommend sitting at the bar if there is room. It is a very small place but totally worth the wait to get in! It is a 3 course dessert for $12, which consists of amuse, main course (which you choose), and Petit-Fours.
    The menu selections change, but you will find there are always some amazing and enjoyable things on the menu.
    Its great to sit at the bar and watch the prep of your dessert. I try to always make a stop there during my trip to NYC. Enjoy!

    203 East 10th between 1st and 2nd.

    Oh! and Eleni's cookies at Chelsea Market is also worth a visit! The cookies and cupcakes are great!

  31. I LOVE Clinton St Baking Company - fabulous and yummy brunch place (Clinton & Houston). Rice to Riches is great - was just there on Sunday. For a fancy treat - Rue 57 - steakhouse and sushi joint - on 6th Ave & 57th. Service is awesome and unpretentious and a short walk from theater district!

  32. Sigh... I love New York. Only been there once, but I guess I can still live vicariously through you. If you are a sushi lover, definitely try Nobu in Soho, Iron Chef Morimoto's roots.

  33. I love ABC Carpet and Home at 888 B'way (19th Street). It's 6 floors of sheer beauty.

    Pearl River is nice, but also you can just dive deep into Chinatown and find a lot of that stuff for cheaper. Just keep walking south and east. : )

    For crafting supplies don't miss these places... They are way cheaper than Kate's:

    --Pearl Paint (Canal St & B'way)
    --NY Art Central (3rd Avenue btwn 10th and 11th)
    great paper selection on the second floor
    --M&J Trimmings (6th Ave btween 37th and 38th)
    (there's more buttons and notions places up and down the street)
    --B&J Fabrics (7th Ave between 37th and 38th)
    lots and lots of fabric.

  34. NYC in the Spring... How wonderful! I would die for a Frozen Hot Chocolate right about now... Please go and then tell us all about how wonderful Serendipity 3 is! One time I went to NYC, we stood in line beginning about 3am for SNL. We were Second in line and did actually get tickets to the 5PM Rehearsal. It was all the same to us! So worth it. I waved to Mike Myers on stage and he waved back! Ahhh...

    Another idea would be to go to the Deli around the corner from where David Letterman tapes his show. Rupert's Deli. We went once and got our picture with him.

    Have a GREAT time!

  35. I was in NYC last month and discovered the marketnyc:

    young, contemporary fashion and accessory designers


    I can't say enough about this place - the most unique and creative items.

    I bought a shirt from nina, nature vs future

    I am so in love with it, it's like a piece of art!

    Sounds like you'll be busy! Have fun!

  36. I totally vouch for Serendipity 3's Frozen Hot Chocolate. It will surely change your life.

    Another big winner is Katz's Delicatessen, where they have the best pastrami on rye. It's also where Meg Ryan filmed her famous "scene" on "When Harry Met Sally."


    If you feel like venturing on a quick trip to Brooklyn, right across the Manhattan Bridge is Junior's Restaurant, home of the world famous cheesecake.


    Have fun!

  37. Feel like dim sum? Dim Sum GoGo (5 E. Broadway, Chinatown/Lower Manhattan between Catherine St. and Chatham Sq.) is a hole-in-the-wall mom 'n pop place with yummy stuff!

  38. Went for a long weekend in late Feb. and had a fantabulous time! The BEST meal I have eaten in a long while: Bread Bar (Indian influences) at Tabla. They take limited reservations
    (just 1/3 of the tables), but even if you get stuck waiting, the
    cocktails at the bar are amazing as is the spicy popcorn that I am
    dreaming of right now. Mostly
    tapas and a few big plates but it's fun because you can try many more things and it's really quite reasonably priced for a fancy restaurant.

    McSorleys for their beer (opened its doors in 1857--but women weren't allowed in until the 1970s). Lombardi's for pizza.