Thursday, June 2, 2005

Tina and I ran in the Corporate Challenge this evening (Tina's picture is on the Rochester page). I am pooped, but it was especially fun because the t-shirt I designed for our company won the t-shirt contest! The sneaker on the left was on the front pocket area and the sneaker tread with our logo and the race logo was big on the back.

And that chicken sandwich I had at the tent afterward was just about the most delicious thing I've ever eaten. Like a steak after snowboarding.

I will have more pictures later... when I get the one time use camera they handed out processed.


  1. Very cool logo--I wish I had half your talent with stuff like that!

  2. I ran it too! Good for you guys. Were you wanting and gasping like I was across the finish line-that last sprint is always a killer!!

  3. Congratulations! GREAT Great design, by the way. They made a good choice...