Thursday, August 4, 2005

My taco addiction has begun once again. Last year I was partaking of the public market tacos twice a week.

If you live in Rochester, it's a must try. Go to the Public Market... look for Rich Port Bakery... go to the back to the little window... behold... tacos. A hidden treasure.

Mind you the pastries and breads at Rich Port are delicious too... the cheese quesitos make a nice ending to a taco meal.


  1. i LOVE that we live in the same city, because you always know about the coolest things, and i surely get to benefit from your fun knowledge of the city!!!

    hooray for park ave festival!!!

  2. I'm sending my parents. They frequent the public market, but I don't think they know about this place. They loooove bakeries and tacos! I can't believe I'm missing the Park Ave festival again this year. I was really counting on e-savers from USair this weekend.


  3. BTW-Rich Port will be opening a second location (!) in Corn Hill Landing! This will be open every day!! (yes, I'm excited)
    What I'm not certain of is if tacos will be there, too.

  4. Uh oh! Here we go again!

    I am incredible jealous. I almost just licked my monitor :(

  5. I may have said this before but my experience with east coast Mexican food hasn't been good. If I ever make it over to Rochester, I may have a try.

  6. This bakery is AWESOME. WE just discovered it, and I just love it. Go early, because they sometimes run out of certain baked goods. The tacos are fabulous. My favorite is the chicken, but the breakfast one is great too!