Wednesday, September 28, 2005

The folks over at the Cheerios research lab must be doing overtime.

Their newest idea is Yogurt Burst Cheerios... Cheerios coated in strawberry or vanilla yogurt.

We got a box and they are pretty yummy. My only gripe is that only every tenth Cheerio is coated. I find myself trying to round up all the yogurt coated ones and eating them at once. All that does is leave you will a soggy bowl of plain ol' Cheerios.


  1. Looks like they need to step up the Cherrios QA!! Maybe they had a limited budget this year ;)

  2. Yes! And I think they aren't coated heavily enough. I was expecting something more like the yogurt coated granola bars by Nature Valley. I mean they're good, but they could just be *better*.

  3. The new Special K with the yogurt-covered berries is coated a little bit better, I thought. The Cheerio people brought a whole bunch of disappointment to my breakfast table, I tell you what.