Sunday, October 2, 2005

Oscar completed another successful Barktober Fest Walk! We raised 202 dollars!

Thanks again to everyone who sponsored us... I emailed out your pictures.

We had a beautiful day and there were so many dogs I was in seventh heaven. Oscar loved haning out with Buddy, Molly and Murphy. All the pictures of the day are on my Gallery and my favorites are in Flickr.


  1. Oh got them all to sit together..thats pretty amazing!!

  2. Is your Doberman a female? We've wanted one for so long but can't decide on a male or female.

    Either way, what a beautiful crew!

  3. This is Tina, Buddy (the Doberman) is my brother's Dog. He is very friendly. I strongly suggest a MALE as females can be more protective, i.e., more aggressive.

  4. Thanks for the great dog pics! The shot of the Weim pup was great and I loved how far down the Great Dane had to bend to sniff Oscar!