Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Route 15 is a popular way to drive from NY to Southern PA. Perched at the top of a windey, curvy section of Route 15, there is the Fry Bros. Turkey Ranch Restaurant.

Aaron and I consider it a hazard to eat there. Is it such a good idea for road travelers to load up on tryptophan laden turkey? But it seems to be popular, even Niagara Falls tour buses stop there.

On our last drive to my parents, we couldn't avoid it any longer. We stopped and partook of the huge plates of turkey, filling, mashed potatoes and corn. Even my "Baby Turkey" dinner was huge.

Aaron drank three cups of coffee to stay awake.


  1. my parents live off of route 15. i miss PA!!!

  2. yikes!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Do you remember the episode of Sienfeld with the theme of "Triptefan(sp?)". hehehe good times...

  3. that looks SO delicious! i can't wait for thanksgiving!!