Monday, October 3, 2005

Update from Johnson City TN: I was bummed out to discover as I boarded the plane that I didn't have my cell phone, but my outlook brightened considerably when I stumbled upon a Jamba Juice at the airport on my layover. A "Strawberries Wild" can make one feel much better. (Aaron... ship me my phone! call me at the hotel! wah! )


  1. I've been to Johnson City a total of 3 times. Its a nice city. I was there for a marching band competition. haha. :D

    And I went on a trip without my cellphone earlier this year. I felt like I was missing an arm or some other important body part.

  2. I am less than an hour from there. It is a nice city. I bet the storytelling festival is in Jonesborough, right? What an awesome little town. There is a fabulous quilt store there.

  3. I know what you mean about the Jamba Juice for me it's Berry Lime Sublime.