Sunday, November 13, 2005

I have talked to my friends for a long time about starting a movie club. The same premise as a book club, but instead of reading a book, we see a film.

I finally got my act together and we met this evening for the first time to see "Everything is Illuminated". It was a great movie for our first meeting, everyone enjoyed it and there was a lot to talk about after.

I even made a blog for our club.


  1. It was such a good film. Alex stole the film. The movie club sounds like a good idea.

  2. There are many similarities between literary and film analysis. In fact many film degrees come out of English departments rather then art. My son and I are always discussing the themes and topics (seperate concepts)in films. I like it when we interpret a film differently like "Lost in Translation." Both of us agree that sometimes the predictable happy ending can be sickening. Sometimes closure isn't happy, but justified.
    Lucky you to have a movie club - it sounds very French. The French love discussing films. Did you "get" Napoleon Dynamite? Most people didn't.

  3. did you read the book?