Tuesday, January 17, 2006

I am on a big smoothie kick. Unfortunately since there are no Jamba Juices within driving distances, I had to hit the web for Jamba secret recipes.

I actually found a do-it-at-home Jamba recipe for Strawberries Wild officially given out by a Jamba Juice general manager. I also found the recipe for one of my favorites Banana Berry.

The incidences of brain freeze have increased substancially in the past week. And Aaron doesn't get brain freeze... he claims he has an extra fat layer around his brain.


  1. It's so difficult to make a truly great homemade smoothie. There's always either too much going on (bordering on gross) or too little going on (making it bland). I think I lack structure. Thanks for the recipe.

  2. thank you for those! i got a cookbook 2 christmas' ago called Juice and it had a ton of really wonderful juice and smoothie recipes

  3. I'm de-lurking after about four years as a regular blog visitor. And what brings me out from the shadows? I noticed that there is no banana listed as an ingredient in the Banana Berry Smoothie recipe. Weird, huh? Well, thanks for the great blog! I'm heading back to the shadows now.

  4. I'm here to end your brain freeze suffering. When I was little my mother taught me a cure for brain freeze. And it really works: when you get the brain freeze, take one more **tiny** sip/slurp/lick of the smoothie/slurpie/ice-cream and WA-LA!--brain freeze gone. Works every time. But it only works if you take just a little taste. Hope you'll try it. I'm yet to meet someone this didn't work for.

  5. yaye & tallula - you're right... I changed the link to a better recipe

  6. I actually just found out what a brain freeze is- its when the roof of your mouth gets too cold and you experience referred pain in your head! Interesting eh?

  7. how about an update on tina... been thinking about her.

  8. you might like this recipe from a fellow jamba addict.

  9. Yes, please update us on Tina. She should be almost past the major danger time, right? But that little girl better stay in at least a few more weeks.

  10. Thanks for those recipes! The lime one sounds awesome. I love smoothies!

  11. I love making my own smoothie recipes. I've seriously had family members wanting me to open up my own smoothie cafe!

    Here's a few you may enjoy-

    Jelene's Banana Split Smoothie
    - 1-4 oz Banana Creame Yogurt
    - 1 individual chocolate pudding cup
    - a couple cherries if you like
    - 1 cup of ice
    - 1/4 cup of water
    - (if you want more banana flavor, add slices of banana)
    Blend until smooth. A banana split smoothie! Yum!

    Jelene's Orange-Strawberry Cream Smoothie:

    In a blender blend,
    - 1- 4 oz. container Yoplait Orange cream yogurt (I used fat free)
    - 1 cup low fat Whip-Cream (You don't have to use whip-cream, but I think it makes a smoothie even creamier which I love!)
    - 1 cup fresh strawberries (or you can use the frozen kind)
    - 1/4 cup water
    - 1 glass of ice (more or less depending on how thick you like your smoothie)

    Blend until smoothie smooth! Makes about an 8 oz. glass. Enjoy!

    Also, try using Yoplait Key lime pie yogurt. OMG it's my favorite smoothie!

    - 1 -4 oz. Yoplait key lime pie yogurt
    - 1 cup whip cream
    - 1/4 cup of water
    - 1 glass of ice

    A tart awesome 8 oz. limey smoothie! YUM!

  12. empress of dirt - I can't wait to try your brain freeze cure

    others - I will give a Tina update soon!

  13. Hi Jenny,
    Have you ever tried Stonyfield Farm Organic Smoothies? (They are in Nature's Marketplace refrigerated section in Wegmans). I have one everyday. They just came out with a new flavor called Banana Berry. My favorite though is Mixed Berry. Peach is a close second.
    I guess they are different than a Jamba smoothie though, in that they are more "milk-like" and less "fruit-like." They are more like drinkable yogurt.

  14. Where did you get those super cool straws? I LOVE polka dots!