Thursday, March 23, 2006

It can be a small world.

I was clicking around Flickr... looking at groups to post some of my office toy pictures to (wait til I start taking pictures of the toys at home!) when I stumbled upon...

... ANOTHER TRAVELING PIGLET! I nearly fell off my chair. What are the chances?

This Piglet is the newer Disney Piglet, while mine is a Classic Piglet... but still! I have been traveling and taking pictures of Piglet since 1998. I have received some strange looks, nearly lost him at the beach... tossed him in the washer countless times... and now a certain peace has come over me... I am not the only one.

Hurrah for Piglet! Check out Chu Chu Piglet's own travel photo site.


  1. it is a very small world. I love when I find stuff like that. Makes me feel more united.

  2. Well, hold on to your hat! Have you seen ?

  3. that's so cool that piglet has a brother/sister out there! My folks have been travelling with a tiny felted grizzly bear and taking pictures of him everywhere since the mid 60s!

    May piglet have many more great vacations!

  4. How funny! But the one of Chu Chu Piglet at Auschwitz is a bit unnerving...Please don't take your piggy to Nazi death camps! It takes all the childlike whimsy out of it...

  5. That's so cool! My almost threee year old has the same style Piglet and he's her favorite toy. He goes everywhere. I can see her taking him to the Taj Mahal when she's older. :)

  6. puh, puh, puh, piglet? I've missed you...