Wednesday, May 31, 2006

In the past years, whenever I worked on a project, I would then create a project page and add it to my site.

Well, Kodak EasyShare Gallery just added subhomepages to their premier service so now I can have a gallery of just my project albums. From here on out I will be posting my project pictures to ljc's project gallery.

I just added pictures of the baby blanket I made for my friend Kristen's son, Cameron.

I also added a few other projects like my dyed, blown stamped Easter eggs and buffalo chicken wing dip.

The old project pages will remain. So for projects before 2006 go to my project pages, after 2006 go to ljc's project gallery.


  1. Wow, Jenny, what a gorgeous blanket! It is very, very nice!
    You are so talented.:-)

  2. us how you did it!!!
    It is very beautiful!!!

  3. nice blanket! What yarn did you use?