Thursday, June 15, 2006

Aaron has trouble remembering stuff sometimes... vet appointments, his mom's birthday, to pick up toothpaste...

While I have a little book to keep track of stuff (that is a whole story in of itself), that method just hasn't worked for Aaron. Neither has palm pilots, whiteboards or calendars.

So he came up with a new plan and so far it's working pretty well. He bought a little digital voice recorder, and I can hear him around the house... "BEEP... water the plants... BEEP", "BEEP... buy Father's Day card... BEEP". It goes to show that his memory works better auditorially (is that a word?) than visually.

I do enjoy messing with it when he isn't around... "BEEP... make Jenny a smoothie... BEEP"


  1. cute of an idea.

  2. Oooh! PLease do a post on finding a great planner/date book. I desperately need one and am having a hard time finding something just right. It seems they're all designed for High School kids with homework and band practice or multi-tasking businees people :(

  3. lol I would be tempted to try " Jenny something pretty...beep"

    *sorry, I had to remove my intial post because of bad grammar and spelling*

  4. Ha ha - excellent post. Made my wife and I giggle (she reads regularly).

    Also, to answer your question: "auditorially (is that a word?)"...
    Technically, you could have used the word "aurally". See definition here.

    Keep up the excellent entries.

  5. Man, I really need something like that, too! Welcome back, by the way! Hope you had a great trip!

  6. Oh, my husband SO needs this.

  7. I have the same voice recorder! Isn't it fabulous? I use it for meetings, lectures, and to make lists for myself.

  8. Hello, LJC,

    Can I ask what make is your Sony digital voice recorder--I am interested in buying one.

    Thank you!