Sunday, June 25, 2006

Rochester had LPGA fever this past week. I saw these signs on the inner loop put up by the city... "Think Rochester. Think golf." There was a mini course set up with a ball washer, sand pit and hole with flag.

Aaron and I went to the last day of the LPGA today with Chuck. I almost want to take up golf so I can have cute stuffed animal club covers like the pros.


  1. We live on a golf course and I see pug club covers all the time. So cute!

  2. I read your blog for several are creative, fun, write really well, are funny and many other adjectives. BUT, I also like to read it because I'm FROM Rochester (now in PA) and I love seeing the photos of events and places I haven't seen in 15 years. My parents both worked at RIT (many years ago) and I still have family living in the area. Thanks for sharing your photos. It's great!

  3. Last time J dragged me to Golf Galaxy they had a rack of "butt head covers" - basically all these different animal rears, so that it looks like the lion (or whatever) is diving into your bag.