Friday, November 17, 2006

Aaron and I go home to PA for Thanksgiving, but this year we had a pre-Thanksgiving dinner with Chuck and Tina. We called it a Thanksgiving "run through". There was turkey, stuffing, corn, mashed potatoes... the whole shabang.

And it was a chance for Tina to use her ginormous turkey plate. This picture does not do it justice... it is not communicating just how huge it is. You could place the entire turkey in the middle of it and there would still be six inches of space the whole way around. It seemed like a good idea in the middle of Target, but when Tina went to try and put it in her car she said "What was I thinking?!" I think it's great and I look forward to having Turkey on it pre-Thanksgiving every year.

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  1. Wow. That IS a big plate. And I kind of want one, even though we'll just be making turkey for two people. ;)

    Also, I see you're reading the book Wicked. Do you like it? I read it a few months ago and completely thought I'd LOOOOVE it. I love everything about the idea of it. But it turned out I kept getting bored while reading it. humph.