Thursday, November 30, 2006

So I have a weakness for Taco Bell chalupas. There I said it. It will catch up with me one of these days.

Anyhow... the hot sauce packet messages crack me up and I thought this one was especially funny.

If you would like to see more check out The Condiment Packet Museum or go to Taco Bell to dress your own packet.


  1. Taco Bell marketing can be very hit and miss. A few years ago the one in Berkeley, CA, had a banner out front that said, "Free Gas with Purchase". It's no longer a Taco Bell, btw.

    p.s. Have you seen this?

  2. Dude, I'm a huge fan of the almighty Chalupa as well. I know, it's horrible for me, and yes I read Fast Food Nation and saw Supersize me, but I can't resist. Good thing I don't have many Taco Bells around me (well, I do have a few, but I don't pass them often), otherwise the temptation might be too hard to reist!

  3. the only problem is that i've gotten a mild sauce packet with that on it. so wait - you're getting on your own nerves?

    - trish

  4. i love taco bell chalupas, they're the only mexican thing i like. i was just talking to my coworker the other day about this... mexican food doesn't have a very good rep up here in Canada for the most part.