Wednesday, December 20, 2006

I was watching my recorded episode of Martha and she was making cookies with Miss Piggy. I love that.

Miss Piggy took a moment to promote her new Christmas CD, A Green and Red Christmas. How could I have missed that til now!?


  1. ha! I hadn't heard of that either. Don't you think it's funny how miss piggy's looks always evolves and her hair is always current with the recent styles??

  2. i love martha! she always has miss piggy and elmo and kermit and cookie monster on her show, a long long time ago she did a christmas special with miss piggy on abc, i think it was called "home for the holidays" i loved it

  3. does miss piggy look like she's getting a hint of gray in her locks? i mean she's got to be pushing 50 or 60..