Tuesday, December 12, 2006

There is an amazing Christmas light display in my neighborhood. This evening we walked Oscar down to see them. I took a few pictures and a few video clips too. Neither come close to relaying the overwhelming amount of decorations and level of detail.

I uploaded the videos onto YouTube.


  1. That's impressing! I can't imagine the electricity bill at the end of the month...

  2. Seeing all those inflatable decorations makes my beebee gun trigger finger itch.

    (Dear police: I don't own a beebee gun and I don't live in Rochester, kthxbi! :^)

  3. I saw that one too, you need to also check out the one off of Monroe..turn right on the side street where Lola restaurant is (Wilmer St I think?) and its on that street. Its not just a ton of lights, it s actually pretty professional!