Friday, January 19, 2007

When I travel there are certain establishments that are on my "must visit" list. They are as follows...

1. Jamba Juice
2. In -n- Out Burger
3. Sephora
4. Pomme Frites (NYC only)
5. Cheesecake Factory
6. Ikea
7. Urban Outfitters
8. Anthropologie
9. Baja Fresh
10. Crate and Barrel

Well, two of the places on my list are opening in Rochester. Sephora and Cheesecake Factory. I am thrilled that I will now have unlimited access to expensive makeup and chicken madiera, but a little part of me realizes that the excitement of getting to go there when I travel will be gone. I guess I just need to find more places for my list.


  1. It means your city is boring a bigger hole on the map. Which is good for you city. Which means items from Sephora and Ikea, OU, and Anthropologie are not so much "novelty" around town. Which sucks. I suggest H&M, if you don't have one yet..... =)

  2. We got H&M a couple years ago...yup.

  3. if you love frozen yogurt (i'm obsessed), try pinkberry. i believe there is at least one in nyc. and lots in los angeles. :)

    pam who's forgotten her blogger login

  4. Sephora used to be on my list too and we finally got one! Hmm, I have Ikea, H&M, In N Out, Houston's, and Au Bon Pain on my list.

    So glad you went to In N Out, it's a must! :: stomach grumbling:::

  5. Urban Outfitters would be nice too. I do miss World Market...
    How about a Trader Joes attached to an Ikea!
    IT sucks that the closest Ikea is over 4 hours away :(
    And where is our Pinkberry?
    I'd even settle for a Tastee-d-lite

  6. I've found that once you get one of those places, the novelty wears off quickly. We got an Ikea 2 years ago and it was completely packed for the first 6 months. Now most people realize the furniture is pretty cheap and tends to fall apart. Same with H&M, Anthropologie, Sephora, Jamba Juice - I used to love to go in other cities, now I hit them maybe 1x per year.

  7. You are getting a Cheesecake Factory!?! I am so jealous. I just ate there yesterday--but it was a 2 1/2 hr drive to get to Philadelphia. I don't see how that place could ever get old! What with the 32 different flavors of cheesecake on the could eat there every day for a month and have a new flavor each day!

  8. Anthropologie is cool. There was one i use to check out in High school in high school (it was around the corner from our campus).But what really rocks is Cheesecake Factory. Everytime i go home i plan on spending too much money on oversized tastey food and wine then splurging on two bug hunks of cheesecake for my midnight romance with the fridgelight. Girl, u are in for a treat. Urban Outfitter stores, oh yea.
    World Market is the only place that sell my tea!

  9. I think Rochester is so neat. The parts I enjoy most about your blogs is the stories of visiting
    family owned businesses within Rochester and the farms/antique markets in the neighboring counties.

    I live in an area over populated by big retail stores that have over taken the family establishments. There are 2 to 3 of each of those retail chains within miles of one another. Like the other commentor, I visit them 1x a year, if that much.

    My hubby laughs when I tell him that I look forward to visiting a Wegmans in the future. He's from Ottawa and thinks it's nothing special. But you've made it seem charming. :-)

  10. I definitely recommend Pinkberry and Sprinkles Cupcakes for the next time you're in Los Angeles.

  11. coming to the midwest? graeter's ice cream in ohio (we drove 30 miles out of our way) and portillo's hot dogs in chicago.
    do you have a sur la table near you?

  12. The Cheesecake Factory sounded good until my nutritionist told me that their average dessert had 1,500 or more calories; enough calories to maintain the weight of a 150 pound woman for a day (well, in other words, your total caloric intake for the day).

  13. Yeah, we have an H&M in Rochester but there's no men's section in them. What the heck is up with this city?!? I so miss Miami.

  14. Anthropologie comes to Rochester, New York early November 2009 @ Eastview!!!

    I used to love Pinkberry, but now I love YOGEN FRUZ much,much more!
    No ice crystals hidden in it's smooth creamy texture!

  15. H & M @ Eastview in Victor NY -a southeast suburb in Metro Rochester, NY -
    NOW has a MENS DEPARTMENT!!!!!!!

  16. Anthropologie @ Eastview Mall (www.eastviewmall) opening Friday January 15th, 2010.
    MAC Cosmetics Boutique coming soon @ Macy*s Eastview!