Tuesday, February 20, 2007

I can't take my eyes off those people at Method for a second! They just came out with mops! They actually go by the name omop. You can get an "all floor" or "wood for good" starter kit. These consist of items such as

• an ergonomic mop with first-ever curved pole
• non-toxic and biodegradable floor cleaner
• mop pads that can hold seven times their weight in dirt
• compostable sweeping cloths made from corn

The green-ness! The design! Too much! Ackkk!

I am currently, practically, totally obsessed with This Next. I have been recommending goodies that I have blogged about in the past on my This Next page. I posted the omop immediately.


  1. I was wondering why I couldn't find their old floor cleaner for a while!

    Now I can finally stop settling for Fabuloso! - not a good substitute, but an amusing product name, nonetheless.

  2. i just bought the wood starter kit and while i love love love the mop itself, the wood cleaner leaves a cloudy film on my floors. i will ditch the cleaner and just use the omop with some vinegar and water!

  3. I spotted this in Domino magazine, they had a brief feature on the two guys who created Method products. I haven't seen this product in any of our stores yet though. :-(

  4. Hi!

    I hope you like this photo:


    from this blog:


    Sorry for my poor English.

  5. I am definitly buying one of these next time I'm at Target. Are they in the stores yet?

  6. Yep... I just spotted them at Target!

  7. I need this. My white kitchen floors are a nightmare, and this might help.

  8. The Method crew are OUTSTANDING!!

    I stocked up on their products cuz I have 2 little ratdawgs (chihuahuas) and didn't want them treading on weird floor cleaning chemicals. :) WOOHOO!

  9. Grr, I went to our local Target and they still don't have one. They did have their almond scented floor wood floor polish on clearance. I hope that doesn't mean they are getting rid of it. I love that smell.

  10. I have so far resisted the call of the starter kit, but I did buy the lemony floor cleaner to use with a microfiber cloth on my Swiffer. If I love the cleaner, I might decide I need the mop. Damn Method people, always forcing me to buy things. (forcing, I tell you!)