Sunday, February 25, 2007

Tonight I had my annual Oscar's Party. Some of the food I had based on the five Best Picture nominees were... Babel - Coke (no ice), The Departed - cranberry juice, The Queen - finger sandwiches, Little Miss Sunshine - bucket of chicken, Iwo Jima - bottled water. I had some other things like steamed dumplings and kettle korn too.

Tina got the most winners right and went home with the prize... A Ticket Stub Diary. This is about the third or fourth time she has won and I am starting to wonder if she has connections in academy.


  1. I love your Oscars party! It such a great idea. But I never seem to live in a place where we could have one. In Australia, it's live on Monday arvo and replayed on Monday night (so all the winners are known). Here in London, we're asleep when it's on. Maybe one day!

  2. The Ticket Stub Diary is Awesome! I always wind up throwing away stubs because I wonder what I will ever do with them. Now I wish I hadn't. I'd put them all in here!!

  3. OMG! I want dat Ticket Stub Diary...coz I never had a heart to throw away any or my movie ticket stub..and I have like a thousand of them...

    You think it can be used for movie ticket stubs, too?..coz d movie tickets here in Singapore are not as big as d ones shown in your pic...they are as small as d stamps..