Tuesday, March 13, 2007

I was thinking about what to plant in the garden this year, when I realized I never posted last year's results. I have a few pictures of our little raised garden growing and what we harvested, on my Projects Gallery.

I am not exactly a health nut... I love my Krispy Kreme doughnuts... but I do feel I should pay more attention to what I eat. Of course there is so much to consider. Should you buy organic? What should you absolutely buy organic and what doesn't have to be? Should you buy organic or buy local?

It seems the ideal is to buy local organic. We usually supplement our backyard harvest with public market produce, but this summer in addition, Aaron and I have decided to join a CSA co-op farm. For a reasonably priced half share (enough food for two adults) we will get a bag of food each week plus U pick berries, flowers and the option to purchase eggs, pork (fresh bacon!), beef, turkey and even grains. All organic. If we work three to four days in the summer the cost is even less. Aaron is super excited about going to work on the farm even though I had to remind him they are not going to let him drive the tractor.


  1. What a beautiful crop you had last year. We have been thinking about starting a garden here this summer, so you've definately inspired us! Also, we have been trying to eat more organic and know it has helped in many ways, however . . . UGH at the prices! Thanks for sharing your pictures, and we always look forward to seeing what you post each day.
    <>< Kelly

  2. hi ljc!
    me and my husband joined a www.bewiseranch.com CSA last year. you and aaron will love it!

  3. I too also think that local organic is the best way to go! Support the local farms and plus, spend some time toddling through some farm-run stores.

    I must confess though, for a moment, when I was reading your entry and got to the Krispy Kreme doughnut part, I thought for a second there that you were talking about whether you were going to go organic in doughnuts or not.

  4. local sustainable! i think sustainable is the key. dan and i joined a CSA two years ago, and we love it. but yours sounds awesome. we get organic fruits and veggies every week (except for a 2 week winter break) but no meat or eggs. we've been looking for a meat CSA. and no work days at the farm, although there is an annual farm day that is lots of fun. i look forward to seeing pictures of you and aaron on the farm! :)

  5. everything looks delicious!

    p.s. - you've been tagged :)

  6. A really lovely garden you had last year! I am envious :P haha Nothing beats growing the vegetables yourself!

    (Love you blog by the way!!)

    Happy Gardening this year!! (may the slugs be kept at bay!)

  7. "updated daily!" ha!

  8. Your prior gardening projects inspired my recent adventure into gardening. I am about to put them in the ground but I am worried about little creatures eating them. (I think mice ate some of my tulips)
    Any advice?

  9. Hey! longtime reader, first time commentor :)

    I am dying to know where you got the edging for your bed?

    thanks!! Awesome crop.

  10. I got the edging at Chase Pitkin which closed last year. Maybe they have it at Home Depot?