Sunday, March 11, 2007

January 23 was National Soup Swap Day. It's a few months later, but after reading notMartha's post about the soup swap she attended I had to have one, albeit a tad late.

It's a great idea. Everyone makes soup, brings six 1 quart containers of their soup, then goes home with six containers of different soup.

Aaron and I made Potato Leek soup. We added London to the name because we first had it in there when my friend Kristen made it. In fact, we have the recipe she used from olive magazine. We had to keep checking the measurement conversions when we were making it.

Our swap was a great success and we are planning on eating soup all this week.

my soup swap site
another soup swap
potato leek soup recipe and pictures
pictures from our soup swap


  1. Well next year I'll atleast have to EAT soup that day. It's my birthday also.

  2. Crazy coincidence—we are having a Soup Swap that was almost scheduled for today also, but ended up being next weekend. Maybe there should be swaps every three months, because once a year just isn't enough.

  3. You and your friends do the neatest things. A soup swap sounds like fun.

  4. That sounds like a great idea. I like that you didn't have it in January too. It can be done at any time.

  5. Hooray for your soup swap. Plus, that logo thingy is darned cute!

  6. We just had one a few weeks ago to warm my significant other's apartment!

    Here are a few links:

    The swap was super fun -- in fact, we're having some of the soup for dinner tonight...

  7. I want to try your recipe, but I have a question (actually two questions):

    1. How much liquid do you add with the potatoes?

    2. What kind of liquid? (ie. chicken stock etc.)


  8. ack! I forgot about the chicken stock. I will have to check the recipe... it was in liters...

  9. It took 1.75 liters of chicken stock almost 64 ounces.

  10. Woo Hoo! This swap looks swell. I'm with Pam and vote yes for the Spoon that ran away wit the Soup. Awesome. You folks need Soup. My god, we saw pictures of the recent blizzard. Eggads!

    And this message to DENVER!

    How can we post about your Soup Swap if you don't tell us about it? Really, drop a line, we'd love to let other know and spread the love. Plus, we might be able to get you the number so you can pick up the phone and call Jersey City next week during their Soup Swap! CRAZY.

    Right on for Swapping Soup! YOU FOLKS IN UPSTATE NY ARE WAY SEXY!!!!