Friday, March 30, 2007

When one is traveling and one goes to visit an Ikea one really must remember that they flew there on a plane and really mustn't buy large items or furniture... no matter how cute it is.


  1. So very hard to do! I've been lucky, the last three cities I've lived in all had IKEA (Seattle, Baltimore, Houston). It is so fun to just walk through a browse for ideas!

  2. Isn't In-n-Out Burger the best?! (We have one just blocks from our house...but I'd never tried it before we moved here.) If you're in S.F., one of the 'must do' things is to take in a Sunday morning service at Glide. I'm not religious, so please don't freak out that I'm recommending a church...but people come from all over the world to go there. It's undescribable--you just have to experience it for yourself. (I used to be a member when I lived in the City...but I've been going off and on since '72.) It's at the corner of Ellis and Taylor (in the Tenderloin, across from the Hilton)...there are services at 9 and 11. I always go to the 9:00 so I don't have to stand outside in the line for the 11:00. Even so, get there early to get a seat. Afterwards, we always go to the little breakfast spot about 3 doors up Taylor St...a little narrow place. Doesn't look like much, but good food and super-nice people.

  3. So looking at the picture here it appears that I may have to bring the truck when I pick you up...

  4. marilyn - whups... today is the first day I took the time to read my comments (other than the "where to go in SF post)... so I think we just missed the services. I will put it on my "to do" list though! Thanks!

  5. Rosita ( 3, 2007 at 8:40 AM

    I love browsing through your site, you're so crafty and I get a lot of inspiration from you.
    I'm Rosita, from Sweden btw! Hello! :D
    It's always fun to see people from other countries (outside of Sweden) who enjoys shopping at Ikea.

    Hope you'll make it home allright, on the plane and everything!