Thursday, May 3, 2007

day of caring

Yesterday... Tina, Shruti and I volunteered for the United Way Day of Caring. We spent the day weeding and painting at the St. Johns Home. It was nice to be outside and I think the garden area will be really nice for the elders.

Being there made me think I should take Oscar and Stewie in as therapy pets. They would have to go through training but I think they would brighten some elder's days.

shruti and tina


  1. Good for you guys! I'm sure they will appreciate the garden.
    Elly ( miraculously passed the exam and we visit a nursing home twice a month. It's great- One guy always feeds her weird stuff like bananas, there's a lady who always lets Elly jump up in her bed with her and says "gimme some sugar" etc. etc.

  2. Oscar and Stewie as therapy pets is a great idea ... especially if you can get them to do this: