Monday, June 18, 2007

I have been riding the bus for a month now and I was excited to hear that they are adding hybrid electric buses to their fleet this week as part of their Clean and Green program.

And here I thought the Clean and Green program just referred to the plastic bags they had at the front of the bus for dropping your trash in.

Maybe they could have the McDonald's wrapped buses run on biodiesel and use the french fry oil from all the local McDonald's. Like Willie Nelson. I usually don't like riding on the wrapped buses because I can't see out very well, but a big sausage mcmuffin bus that smelled like french fries would be funny.


  1. When I worked in San Diego, I loved taking the bus or the trolley to work. It's so much nicer not having to sit in traffic. I can read, knit, crochet, etc. while taking public transportation.

    Here in Las Vegas, the public transportation system is rather lacking. We live in a new area and there are no bus stops within walking distance at all. I have to resort to driving everywhere again. Sigh...

  2. I know! I am actually getting to listen to my podcasts the whole way through on my bus rides!

  3. they have the wrapped buses up here in Seattle, too. there's one wrapped to look like fruit-flavor Lifesavers. It's the most colorful bus and really makes everyone smile. There's a pic of it on flickr:

    The driver of my bus one day was behind it. And the riders were asking, "what if they made you drive that bus?" And he replied, "I'd love it! Everyone would be happy!"

    I haven't had a chance to ride it, but I secretly hope I get to someday.