Sunday, July 1, 2007


This weekend we went to the Taste of Rochester. They close down a street and there are restaurants set up with $1, $2, $3 and $4 offerings. I was totally into eating all the $1 foods. You get small portions, but you get to try all kinds of stuff. I could eat like that all the time. In the $1 range I had crab meat rangoons, bruchetta, a maple crepette, a homemade meatball, a slider burger, corn on the cob, a spring roll and a banana strawberry smoothie. 

It was a fun evening but I only have pictures of us with the Geico Gecko. Once we started eating I was too busy to take pictures.


  1. That's nice that every vendor has the entire price range! We went to something similar here (The taste of Durham), but it was hard to find anything for under $4, except wine tastings... needless to say we had to do some of those!

  2. that sounds like fun. I think I'd be all about the $1 offerings, too.

  3. We went later in the evening. It was pretty crowded with a lot of Eric Burdon fans. We checked out some of the food but really enjoyed the 3 for a $1 wine tastings. And our kids really liked the booth that made funny lip synching videos for -gulp- $20 a pop. We were comtent to watch. Eric Burdon, by the way, ws fantastic!