Friday, July 27, 2007

The Hotel


There was a big plum pillow on my bed.


Remember those crocheted doll cozies your grandma had on her extra roll of tp?

This is the upscale version.


These mirrors are evil. I thought... oh I just take a little look see. Yowza! I do not need to see my pores that close!


They are filming the next Batman movie outside my hotel! Nothing like hearing gunshots and seeing a helicopter fly down the street at traffic light level!


  1. We stayed at the W the last time we went to Chicago - not the lakeside one but the other where the lobby turns into a bar/club at night. While the beds were decadent and I loved getting Bliss products in the bathroom, it was a little too hectic at that hotel for us.

  2. When I stayed at the W Lakeshore once, I spent at least ONE HOUR in that mirror plucking my eyebrows. How sad. I am a hairy little beast.

  3. Where is the hotel located? I'm going to Chicago soon and would love to get a glimpse of them filming for Batman if possible. Sounds so exciting. Please let me know.