Friday, July 27, 2007


I made it to Chicago in one piece and am at the BlogHer Conference. Currently waiting for The Art of Storytelling session to start.

Already collected my goodie bag and met a few readers! Too cool.

Aaron gets here this evening and is going to attend the conference tomorrow... which I am quite pleased about.

I left my camera cable in the hotel room, so no pictures til tonight.


  1. I can't wait to read about it all. I just joined BlogHer last month and it was too late for me to get myself together to attend so I have to wait till next year. I hope you have a blast.

  2. I just realized that we are in the same room. Hope to meet you this weekend!

  3. isaspacey - this is my first year... it's great so far!

    alicia - how funny! I have postcards and moo cards if you want to stop over and say hi

  4. try to get to argo te several location--chicago's answer to starbuck's most excellent. if you have en extra day in the city--uncle fun on belmont-- a will direct you there. alos get to macey's though they are not marshalle fields and check ourt Merz Apothecary, which has been in the city acive since the 1800's--they carry the famous
    Lush line everyone craves. i wish i knew you were coming in, i would have tried w schedule change to meet you, since you are in my neck on of the woods, and given you some vintage stuff i need to find homes for, since i have a toddling giant baby now. a little chocolate shol on north mich-chocolate moon i think--oh so goooddie. no major cupcake shops to rave about to you.across from uncle fun is his stationary story--very addictive as well. the paper boy it is called.

    take in the stain glass museum at the pier while you are there--it is an amazing collection.

    if you must pick one musuem while you are here choose the art institute-close to where you are.
    the field is my favorite since childhood, but transport hard for you from where you are at, byt then you can do the shedd with the whales and the north coast dophins-they are so cool.--the view of the city from there is amazing too. the fountain lite show with music at nite is well worth you trouble. i remember a girl traveled from you city for the day the turned the fountain off, for 2 years of repair work--she had to see it once last time for some childhood reason, just in case in never came back on.

    gino's pizza is a standard for chicago deep dish so is pizza uno--both near you as well. i hope you enjoy yourself. sorry it is rainy though.

  5. I saw that you are interested in the custom purse I mentioned before. The website is
    Enjoy Chicago!
    Oh and I second the vote for Argo Tea!