Monday, July 30, 2007

More around Chicago


We went for breakfast at Orange... I have wanted to eat there ever since Giada went for Giada's Weekend Getaway.

Aaron got the french toast kabobs and I got Popeye's eggs. The frushi wasn't ready yet and I was bitterly disapointed. 


We went on the OFFICIAL Chicago Architecture Society's boat tour. The whole time the line "A three hour tourrrrrr" was going through my head. 


Chicago's famous Garrett Popcorn. The cheese popcorn is good. The caramel popcorn is good. Combine them together and they are fannn-tastic!

katie and jenny

Katie from caught me taking a picture of a bus stop on the street. She is just about the nicest person I have ever met. And she directed me to Filenes Basement


Piglet enjoyed shopping on the Magnificent Mile. Piglet spent way too much at Lush


I find myself attracted to this trolley. Must be the name.


Would someone drag me away from this bean?!

Other notes and observations

My hair, albeit short, doesn't do well in humidity

I am going to have some shoulder issues this week after carring my laptop everywhere this weekend.

Stuffed pizza is good. 

I need to order more moo cards.


  1. wow, you make want to visit Chicago! I heard about the popcorn...need to try that.

  2. Ditto kiddo :) The both of you were a highlight of my trip.

    I am experiencing some Lush envy at the moment (H&M sucked me in and wouldn't release its thrifty hold) - hoping to get the 411 on your indulgences :)

  3. did i see that shirt at Target? i was lusting over the owl one. very cute!

  4. i was just in chicago too and had the french toast kabob at orange. soooo good, especially the coconuty parts, but i could barely eat even half. my friend ate her whole order of cinnamon rolls pancakes AND some of my kabob! i wish i had a stomach like that so i could eat more of their food!

  5. girlrobot - the "mix" popcorn was yummy!

    happykatie - I will have to do a post about my lush purchases

    anonymous - yup... it's from Target

    grace - I couldn't finish my eggs either!

  6. Jen, you are so funny with the "bean." WE did the same thing when we went to Chicago - trying to figure out which angle the bean looks best and taking tons of pics. Have you taken one standing right in the middle looking up?

    So glad you two are having fun in the windy city. It is great to experience it with you through your blog (great pics by the way!)
    <>< Kelly

  7. I got that shirt and the owl one! I'm a little concerned about the flaring out at the bottom, but I still love them.

  8. Two things:
    1. Love the t-shirt. I'm glad everyone before me knew where to get it. I had seen the owl one but didn't realize there was a cute mushroom one. :)
    2. Wanna swap moo cards? I need to get new ones as well.

  9. Michelle from RaleighAugust 5, 2007 at 11:06 AM

    I have the turtle shirt - love them!