Saturday, August 4, 2007

park ave

I went to the Park Ave Fest with my friend Nancy and Aaron met us there. I came home with a vine growy thingy, some lucky bamboo to replace some of mine that was not-so-lucky and Aaron got me this necklace from the Crafty Chicas.

I also ate a lot of food that is bad for me.


  1. well you have to tell us...what kinda of food? The stuff that's bad for you tends to be the stuff that tastes the best!

  2. michele - ooooh yeah... butterfly fries which are thinnly cut potatoes deep fried, a jug of lemonade, cherry soda and cotton candy. Really wanted funnel cake too.

  3. Hello! Just some info about the lucky bamboo thingy.

    It came about because Chinese people believe that displaying such bamboo (in the house/shops) can turn one's luck around. Hence the swirly design!

    So, unless you want your luck (good OR bad) to be changed, you should/shouldn't display it! Just my 2 cents worth! heehee. =)