Monday, August 13, 2007

Products that have caught my eye.

cupcake t-shirt

I just ordered this t-shirt from Threadless. It's called "skip dessert"... bah-hah! If you aren't familiar with Threadless, it's really cool. [Users (professional illustrators and amateurs alike) may submit t-shirt designs online, which are then put to a public vote. A small percentage of submissions are selected to be printed and sold through the online store. Creators of the winning designs receive a combined cash and store credit prize.]- wikipedia


How cool is this? A dish scrubber that you can blow bubbles with. I saw this and the cupcake shirt on my new favorite site... Sugar.

apple stickers

My friend Joel sent me the link to these cool Apple stickers. They are like window clings that you can put over the glowing apple logo on your Mac. I like the fish bowl one.


  1. Speaking of cupcakes...I just found out that we have not one, but two! brand-new cupcake stores in town. And today was the first day of school, so I can go and peruse my choices in peace.

  2. Oh those apple stickers are adorable! I may just need one (or 3) of them!

  3. I found this cupcake fabric the other day and made my very first skirt last weekend! It came out marvelously, and I was even able to wear it to dinner Saturday night.

  4. jane - what city are you in?!

    megnar1 - that fabric is so cute!

  5. My kids have 14 Threadless tees between them. (I usually wait for the $10 sales though, & I've gotten 2 free!)

  6. To go with your t shirt: