Tuesday, August 7, 2007


Weeks after everyone else got their Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, I finally have mine.

I bought my first Harry Potter in London and all my copies after that were the British versions. So even for the last installment, I held back from going out at midnight to get a US copy. Aaron had a hook up for the edition I wanted and he got it today.

It's going to be hard to get stuff done now.


  1. Are the British versions different (besides the cover, which I can obviously already see is not the same)? They keep at least some of the slang the same in the US version. I wonder if there's more in the British one?

    You'll love it, by the way. I'm considering reading it again.
    Right. Now. ;)


  2. I think there is enough of the language changed for the US version, because parents complained about some of it being inappropriate and that's why a lot of the shops that had it last time don't have it this time.

  3. I get both after the fifth one came out and my Brit copy took FOREVER to arrive. But I don't stand in line I just go the next day (I have kids, I can't stay up all night reading).

    Oooo, *sniff* that should all have been in the past tense. I just finished my reread last night (Brit copy. Came two weeks after the launch. I'd have gone nuts if I didn't have the US version to tide me over)

    The US version has the same mild cussing in it. But they've long since ceased being kids' books, IMO. I won't let my twelve year old read past book 4 until she's a bit older, for instance. One a year from now on is good, I think.

    The changes to look for now are the few sentences that the editors cut out of the US version. I'm not sure why they do this but sometimes they can be signifigant - such as Dumbledore's talk with Draco in Book 6.

    Leaky Cauldron would have any links to them if there are any this time around.

    Happy reading!

  4. I'm about to start 7 myself and I didn't even know the US version was different until I found these neat-O Harry Potter stamps yesterday. caused me to inquire about book covers.


    ps - talk about freaky.

  5. Nicky - I just looked at your site... it IS getting freaky.

  6. Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows eBook (PDF)


  7. You should make use of your nice British readers for stuff like this! I love your blog and would happily send you or my fellow readers nice Britishy things :-)

  8. I don't read HP (except the first) but love how there are different book designs. I think the U.S. editions look a little hokey while the U.K. editions got to be really slick graphics. There is also an adult cover that reminds me of Lord of the Rings and all grown-up.

    There's changes in the language, I know of, replacing the words the British would use so as to not be confusing for young American readers (like from "lift" to "elevator" and from "jumper" to "sweater", should those words show up in the book).

  9. BTW I see that you're also reading Love in the Time of Cholera. Read it a few months ago. Loved it!

  10. Since my daughter is a teen, we have a deal where she can email her friends with the understanding that I will randomly check her email and make sure everything being said is ok etc. Of course one of the emails I picked at random was from a friend that just finished the book and told what happened in the end. :( Who knew being a responsible parent could come at a price like this. ;)

  11. I had such a pleasant weekend with my copy of Harry Potter. Hope you're enjoying yours.

  12. The funny thing is, that British copy looks exactly like the Canadian versions. I can't guarantee that the inside content is exactly the same, but others might be able to save themselves the shipping costs from the U.K. if they simply like this cover better!

  13. I wonder if the Canadian version IS the UK version?