Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Kodak Gallery Scan Van came to our office building this week! The Scan Van is equipped with high speed Kodak scanners that can scan pictures in seconds. It is amazing how fast they work. I had two hundred pictures scanned in ten minutes, and that is with stopping to tape small pictures to a larger piece of paper, wiping off the scanner after my dusty pictures went through and color correcting a few pictures. After they are scanned they are uploaded to the Kodak Gallery.

If you have shoeboxes full of pictures, the Scan Van is the answer to your prayers.

I had a lot of fun looking though my albums and pulling out pictures (no shoeboxes for my pictures) Here are pictures of myself and Aaron as babies. We were both pretty tubby, but I think I win the best hair prize.

Me in my natural element... behind a birthday cake. Aaron grinning away as usual.

I had a few of my parents and family. This is my dad when he was a little boy and a group shot of my mom with her mom and her siblings.

Here one of my parents when they were dating... heh heh and one of my mother with her sisters on the day she left Korea to come to America.

I am so glad I have these images digitized now. I only wish I had more pictures that are at my parents house to take to the Scan Van. You can see more of the pictures I had scanned in my Gallery.

I'm not sure where the Scan Van will be next but when I hear where it will be going I will post it here.


  1. Hi jenny,
    I saw the scan van at Eastview Mall last weekend... maybe it is stopping at local malls too?
    How much did it cost?

  2. That is seriously awesome.

  3. the scan van has an online appointment book.

  4. I LOVE those pics of your mom with her siblings--esp. the one where they're younger in the field. Beautiful!

  5. Wow, that is so cool! Is that scanner available for purchase, or just with the van right now? I would seriously love to have one!

  6. Wow! I would love, love to have a super fast scanner like that! So much more fun to have old photos on the computer (and make the quality better).

    I loved seeing you as a child - super cute! The photos of you and your dad are adorable.

    Some of the photos are really white, though. Is it the scanner or were they like that?

  7. The picture of your mom and dad , when they were dating, reminds me of you and Aaron. Kinda similar. Aaron has brown hair and tall, and you look like your mom. Great pics. Your family is very cool.

  8. The Scan Van sounds awesome! I love the picture of your mom and all of her siblings.