Monday, November 12, 2007

I am a bit dehydrated. Lips cracking and a bit headachey. Not sure if it's from the airplane air or the sudden cold weather that has arrived in town, but I am arming myself with the two following items.

#1: I'm taking a little break from my Vitamin Water Addiction with these super adorable bottles of bot fortified water. "All natural, no artificial flavlors, sweeteners or preservatives. Low in sugar and vitamin fortified." And look how cute they are for cryin' out loud! So what if they are for kids? Grape bot = esp yummy. 

#2: This is my new favorite lip balm (of which I have a wee addiction to also). We Live Like This Everyday Lip Balm. I currently have the orange. I appreciate how it swivels up lipstick-style so I can pretend I am a real grownup.


  1. Oh my, I cracked up at the 'so I can pretend I am a real grownup'.

    I know how that feels!

  2. where did u buy the lip balm

  3. I got it at a shop here in Rochester called Parkleigh.

  4. Hi! You’ve been randomly tagged by the NaBloPoMo randomizer for a meme about 7 weird/random things about you! Enjoy!

    super cute lip gloss. Your site is adorable. I got here through the randomizer and have enjoyed my reading=)

  5. Look for dental products too. This helps maintain your great smile apart from the lip product.