Friday, November 9, 2007

I was pretty excited to see Cupcakes Take the Cake post about cupcakes in Las Vegas. I love trying out cupcakes in different cities.


Last month... before I went to Cleveland I put a call out for cupcake bakeries that I could check out. A couple folks emailed/commented that there weren't any there.

To the contrary, at the West Side Market I found Grandma Freda's cupcakes. There were strawberry, wedding cake vanilla, peanut butter cup and deep chocolate almond.


They were goooood. Lucky Clevelanders. Hopefully I will get a chance to see what cupcakes Las Vegasers enjoy. Or is it Las Vegasians?


  1. Cupcakes Take The Cake linked to a post on my blog. But here's the scoop on LV cupcakes:
    - The Cupcakery
    - Cupcake Lane Bakery
    - Mad Hatter Cupcakes

  2. We're Las Vegans. :)

    Both Cupcake Lane and Mad Hatter Cupcakes are spitting distance from my house. I've not been too impressed with Cupcake Lane. Kinda stale and tastes...I dunno...not real. But I don't know about Mad Hatter.

  3. why isnt stewie in your new banners?

  4. Stewie won't sit still long enough to be drawn in a banner :)

    Maybe he will make a Christmas banner appearance.

  5. Hello my name is Bethany and I'm the one who decorates the cupcakes at Grandma Freda's at the westside market. I just happened to find your site and thought it was really great that you had my cupcakes up here! Thanks.

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  7. Thought I'd mention my new bakery, Retro Bakery in the Centennial Hills area of Las Vegas. We've got GREAT cupcakes. I think my cupcakes are the BEST in Las Vegas!

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