Thursday, December 6, 2007


I got these sneakery boots this fall in anticipation of inclement weather. They are so warm and comfy they make me sleepy. (they are Roxy Delano boots in case anyone is wondering) I think the birds are the cutest.

And my "tights" are actually thigh high socks from American Apparel. I HATE tights... one leg connected to the other... twisting and restricting.... ack! These thigh high socks are the perfect alternative.


  1. I love the new banner! I think it is my favorite so far.

  2. Speaking of wintery animals, in my new issue of Domino they had a section on holiday decorating that included ideas for woodland creatures around the house, like tiny deer and birds. Just thought that was funny.
    ~shan (supergrover)

  3. I love the new banner, I agree with the first's the best one so far. Cute boots!

  4. i just love the tights! i can't wear thigh highs though - they always fall down :( i've used garter belts, but somehow u don't think they'd work with those - lol.


  5. Next time you are in NYC, thought you might like the push button house

    PS: Cute boots.

  6. Those boots! So great! And I have to say, this banner is my instant favourite. Nice work all around.