Thursday, December 13, 2007


It's weird how sometimes I notice certain things popping up everywhere. (ew bad pun)

A few weeks ago I went to see a pop up book exhibit at RIT with Aprille and her husband. It was so cool, there were giant examples of the different sorts of techniques.

Soon after I saw a commercial for Lexus where the car is in a pop up book. Then I saw another commercial for TGI Fridays with a pop up menu. Recently Fergie came out with a video where she is inside a pop up book.

But the best one.... my favorite show... Pushing Daisies had an episode where they suspected a pop up book author of murder. Some of his books were "The Pop Up Book of Sports Related Deaths" and "Pop Up Pin Up". I love that show.


  1. Martha Stewart had a pop up segment this last week, too!

  2. I was going to mention the Martha segment as well :)

    And Pushing Daisies is the BEST show. I absolutely love it!

  3. I love love love that show!

    I had to make a pop up book once in college (art major). Hard stuff!

    It is funny how you can never hear of something or notice something and after the first time you do, it is EVERYWHERE. LOL.

  4. My favorite show too! I love that Emerson Cod is a knitter. He reads knitting magazines and knits at his desk. He also uses his knitting needles for things other than knitting, HAH! Reminds me of me.

  5. About Pushing Daisies ... i just saw the most recent show and heard about the revelation that Emerson has a daughter! Do you think he could have been making the book for her? ... hmmmm .....

  6. You spotted a trend! Have you seen "Enchanted"? There is a wonderful pop-up book sequence at the end that I loved.

  7. elizabeth & meg - ack... I missed that episode. I only keep 2 episodes on my DVR at a time and if I don't watch them they get recorded over. boo

    jennycno3 - That is brilliant! The pop up book was a little girl with a magnifying glass!

    beth - I want to see Enchanted! Maybe this weekend!

    I am glad there are so many other people out there that love Pushing Daisies!

  8. FYI--You can watch full episodes of "Daisies" on the CBS website, so you can catch up on the ones your DVR ate. :)

  9. This is totally unrelated but I was looking at Urban Outfitters and saw these and thought of your blog:

  10. It warms the cockles of my cold cold heart to see so many other folks enjoying Pushing Daisies. :o) I've been worried for some time that the show is too unabashedly quirky for the average viewer and that it's destined to end up in the "Brilliant but Canceled" pile. Maybe I'm wrong about that. And maybe Jenny's blog mention will drum up a whole bunch of new viewers. DRUM, Jenny, DRUM!!!

  11. Oops, I meant the ABC website for the full episodes. Sorry!

  12. There is also a Target pop up commercial airing now too!!

  13. Sigh. Lee Pace has ABSOLUTELY stolen my heart. And I was so excited when I heard he was nominated for a Golden Globe!