Thursday, January 31, 2008

Gingerbread House

I almost forgot about this gingerbread house we made at the holidays. We used Wegman's pre-baked gingerbread pieces which made it super easy.

Lots of royal icing holding that sucker together!

More pictures on my project gallery.


  1. I love the mini nilla wafer roof!
    We used a pre-baked and pre-assembled gingerbread house from the grocery. Young children with little patience need to get right to the fun of decorating, but one day I plan to bake an elaborate one myself.

  2. Ohoho, we also used the Wegmans pieces, but had a decidedly different result. About three failed batches of icing and the artistically agressive touch of a preschooler later, we had the worst-looking gingerbread house I've ever seen.

    I wouldn't have been surprised if gingerbread code enforcement came along and condemned it.

    Yours looks ABSOLUTELY lovely.